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A scandal including biofuel transportation reported by CBC, Pointing out two main giants  of named Bioversel Canada and CN Rail. These two organizations were disparage by CBC for a fraudulent act on transporting same biodiesel cargo back and forth for several times, which reportedly was at least having an amount of $2.6M.

The court has discharged both companies from the accusations of  Unloaded biodiesel, biodiesel fraud, train RINs scandal, but CBC is still running it’s own investigation and making statements of frauds even after the court  has taken their stand against these companies. CBC reported an article against this incident which mentioned CBC running it’s own investigations for the so called biodiesel fraud and RINs fraud which reported:

“CN internal documents obtained by CBC News show that the company had agreed to flip the shipments back and forth across the border using its rail lines and tunnels 24 times without unloading any cargo. This garnered CN $2.6 million.“



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