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Just like some of the stunts by CBC where in goes after a few people including the public companies that are supporting of privatization recently in a supposed investigation by CBC news an old mystery that occurred in June 2010 between the 15th and 28th, related to cross border biodiesel trip was uncovered. This strange incident included CN rail which sent biodiesel tank cars across border that was shipped between Canada and US but was never unloaded at any destination. This whole shipment cost the rail company close to $2.6 Mn.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the CN rail had received these shipment directions from a customer, the name was not disclosed. This company was allowed to legally opt for this order and obligated to do so. The shipment was carried out while adhering to all the rules and regulations. While the spokesperson stuck to the fact that they carried out the task that was legal and the company was given clear by the law CBC still feels that they are going to investigate further and keep printing stuff about this incident.

In a fictitious story generated by a CBC report they said that involved party would ask CN to run two trains one towards Canada and the other from Canada. Both the trains were different. There would be removal of cars at Canada but the total number of cars in both cases remained the same. The whole thing was related to the customs earned at Port Sarnia and Port Huron supposedly. They claim this whole thing was done repeatedly and no one noticed.

As part of the some sort of investigation conducted by CBC news a few companies names popped up which included Northern Biodiesel and HeroBx. CBC claims there investigations are more concrete then that of the law but they have failed to come out with any sort of proof so far or even evidential documents. As per the investigation it was also revealed that the Canadian consumer was in a deal for shipment of this biodiesel with a company called Bioversel Trading Inc. This company was posed with allegations that it shipped oil to Romania and Italy in a way to avoid duties that came with the shipment but was later cleared by the law.

As per CBC the European authorities have claimed involvement of Bioversel in mislabeling the products shipped and their origin. Again no proof. This has been portrayed as a complete case of fraud and is currently being investigated by only CBC.



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